e-Cobras London Limited

1B Landaras Royston Grove Pinner Middlesex HA5 4HF

Proforma Invoice

TEL 02084 213998

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MOBILE: 07736 744508

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The Purchaser agrees with the terms as set out in the purchasing terms and conditions

Standard equipment: Four Wheel Disc Brakes, Brushless Electric Motor, Rear Differential 300mm Imitation Original Style Steering Wheel Central Horn Forward And Reverse Switch.

Speedometer Spring Damping Aluminium Road Wheels Wide Road Tyres Adjustable Leather Race Seats Fitted Carpets, Automotive Grade Body Paint Saftey Switch Under The Bonnet.

On The Main Battery Line, Battery Charger.

Below Is a list of Factory Options.

1. Battery: 60V50AH Lithium (WIithour supercharge)Yes/No
2. Original  Stainless steel windshield 1 Yes/No
3. DualspeakersMP3 1Yes/No
4. staineless steel roll bar with headrest (in back of driver seat) 1Yes/No
5. Staineless steel roll bar with headrest (in back of passenger seat)1Yes/No
6. 4 point double safety belt x 1 with passengers lap seatbeltYes/No
7. 4 point double safety belts x 2         Yes/No
8. License plate lamp + license plate bracket 1Yes/No
9. led head light(same as client’s provide) 1Yes/No
10. Reversing lamp+Height indicator lamp 1Yes/No
11.Original stainless steel exhaust pipe (four in one) 1Yes/No
12. Original stainless steel exhaust pipes(four in one)  
Painted Matt Black
13. Widened tire, wheel hub (125/65-12) (Auto grade) 4Yes/No
14. Rearview mirror 1Yes/No
15. Rear reflectors 2Yes/No
16. Custom Paint ColourYes/No
17. Custom Leather Interior Yes/No
18. Body GraphicsYes/No
Total: £ UK STERLING ONLY                          Yes/No

Colour Choice:

Name of Body Colour

Paint Code of Body Colour

Name of Leather Interior Colour

Interior Leather Code

Bank details: E-Cobras London Limited

ADD: TSB, P O Box 373 Leeds LS14 9GQ

A/C NO:00134512 Sort Code: 77-91-21


IBAN: GB57TSBS77912100134512


1. Terms of payment:T/T 50% ( £ ) paid in advance.

2.(shipped by sea) From Any UK Port if required

3.Delivery Time: 35 -45days after receiving payment

4.warranty: only 18 months’ warranty for the engine parts and 12 months warranty for the other parts (wearing parts are not included such as tires,lights,fenders,electric elements,etc)

Confirmed by buyer:
Confirmed by seller: e-Cobras London Limited